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Slots Basics

Slots is one of the most commonly played casino game both at land based casinos and online casinos. Slots are very easy to play game and needs no previous experience. Online slot machines have a higher payout percentage than those at land based casinos.


The game involves matching symbols, either on mechanical reels that spin and stop to reveal one or several symbols. The symbols can be images of fruits, numerals or letters, and simple shapes such as bells, diamonds, or hearts; or animated cartoon characters.


Pay table: Each slot machine has a table that lists the number of payouts the player will receive if the symbols listed on the pay table appears on the pay line of the machine. Some symbols are wild and will pay if they are visible in any position, even if they are not on the pay line.


Slots game is very easy to play. The player just needs to select a slot machine, place a bet and wait for the outcome. The machine pays the wins based upon the pay line patterns of symbols displayed in the pay table when the reels stop.


Slots Variations


Classic Slots: These are the slot games with 3 spinning reels and symbols including bars, sevens, cherries, bells, etc. They are derived from the original 3-reel slot machines. Unlike the first 3-reel slots, modern classic slots can have different themes, offer bonus features and progressive payouts. Classic slots have 1 pay line. Some classic slots are high-roller games with high maximum bets.


Video slots: These are the slot machines that use a software instead of drums with pictures on them. Today most land slot machines and all online slots are video slots games. But 3-reel slots are not included in this category. Video slots are themed games and use original sounds, animation, provide additional bonuses on the reels and extra screen. They also provide progressive games.


Multi reel Slots: The 3 reel slots are known as classic games and slot machines with more than 3 spinning reels are multi-reel slots. 5 reel slots are the most popular among multi-reel slot games as they offer variety of bonuses. 5-reel slots use a bigger number of pay lines. The bonus features are free spins, bonus rounds on the reels and a second screen as well as multiplier. Some of the 5-reel machines provide progressive slots jackpots also.


7 reel slots are the new online slot games. These games have 7 reels and do not have bonus features or any special symbols. They have a small number of pay lines usually up to 10. 9-reel online slots are a new invention of online casinos. Each slot with the symbols that appear on the screen spins independently.


Multi pay line Slots: These are the slot machines with more than 1 pay line. If any one of the pay lines has a winning combination, the player wins. However, you can bet on all pay lines only if you insert the maximum amount of coins.


Progressive Slots: These are the slot games that offer a high jackpot which grows with every game that is played until a player wins it. When the jackpot is hit, a new one starts growing from a starting amount.

Online Slots