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Slots History

Slots are among the most popular gambling games. Slots history is interesting whose origin can be found out in the candy or cigar dispensing machines.


Slots Machine was invented by a person called Charles Fey in the year 1887 who is considered as the Father of Slot Machines. It was the first ever payout machine which worked automatically. This machine consisted of 3 spinning reels having 5 symbols: Diamonds, Hearts, Liberty Bell, Horse Shoes, and Spades. Among these, Liberty Bells became a huge success. Fey created the first machine which was named Liberty Bell from his workshop in San Francisco in 1887.


In the year 1891, Sittman and Pitt developed a unique machine called “Poker Machine”, which is thought to be the predecessor of the modern slots machine. In 1910 the Mills Novelty Company streamlined the Liberty Bell and introduced a lighter weight version of the machine, and renamed it Operator Bell. The changes in the machine included a coin deposit slot and also featured fruit symbols on the reels.


It was during the 1930's that slot machines began to become very popular across America and in the late 40’s Bugsy Siegel added machines to his Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas.


Slots History entered its modern version in the year 1963 when the advanced slot machine of the electro-mechanical type was introduced. The name of that first slot machine was “Money Honey” and was developed by Bally Technologies. Some of the features of this slot machine were automatic payout facility available up to a maximum of 500 coins, had a bottomless hopper.


Bally Manufacturing continued the development of slot machines and launched the Dollar Slot Machine in the mid 1970s.


The start of the 1980s saw the birth of the computerized era of slot machines. Sircoma, a new company in the field, produced a video poker slot machine which caused a sensation in the industry. Video Slots first evolved during the 1980s and 1990s. These slot games consisted of flashy graphics, and digitally enhanced sound effects with multiple pay lines.


Today, slot machines make up about 30% of an average casino’s profits. These days, slot machines use random number generators which are pre-programmed and correspond to patterns of symbols on the reels.


Online version of slots has developed a new era for slot games. Now, a slots player can enjoy the game from the comfort of his home. Also the payout percentages of the online slot games are much higher than the land-based slot machines. Slot machines offering progressive slots and straight slots are now common on over 2000 online casino sites.

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