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Video Poker Tips

Winning a Video poker game requires skills and practice. The player must choose wisely which cards to hold and which ones to discard. Here you’ll find some useful video poker tips to win a video poker game that would help you to master the game and thus add to your winnings.


Tip # 1: Always look for best payout tables before playing.


Tip # 2: Always try to bet the maximum number of coins. The more coins you bet, the lower is the house advantage of casino, and the more you get better odds.


Tip # 3: Always go for bonuses and jackpots. Some games offer progressive jackpots and sign up bonuses. These options adds to your winnings as the progressive jackpot grows with each play until someone wins it and sign up bonuses help you to double up your winning after the first deal.


Tip # 4: Video poker is a game that requires a lot of practice. So you must practice a few free games to master your hand before playing or the real money. Once you grasp the rules of the game properly you can play for real money.


Tip # 5: Another important thing to keep in mind is card combination patterns. You must be able to decide well which card to hold and which one to discard in order to make the best higher hand ranking.


Tip # 6: Always choose reputable and trustworthy casinos whether playing online or offline that ensures better payouts. While playing online video poker, choose best and reputable sites that offer high payouts and bonuses.


Tip # 7: Another way to win at video poker game is to always tip the dealer of the game regularly.


Tip # 8: Try to go for Jacks or Better variant of video poker as it pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.


Tip # 9: Always try to break a flush combination in order to get a royal flush combination.


Tip # 10: Never try to break a straight combination in order to get a flush combination.


Tip # 11: Always remember that a three-card royal flush is better than drawing a four card flush.


Tip # 12: Don’t be greedy. The video poker game is not only about winning or losing the game. One should play is for having fun.


Playing video poker is not difficult if played wisely. These video poker tips will definitely add to your advantage over the house.

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