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Video Poker Strategy

To win a video poker game, the players must learn using the proper strategies to get higher payouts and to enjoy the game. There are various video poker strategies for the players to adopt. Winning at video poker game totally depends on having a proper video poker strategy.


Video poker strategies usually involve two basic things. The first one is to choose how many coins to bet. And the second one is to choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard to get the best hand ranking.


Some of the popular online video poker strategies are given below.


Strategy #1:  Bet the Maximum coins for the best payouts.  In most online video poker games, you have chances for winning higher payouts only if you bet the maximum number of coins in a game.


Strategy #2: Always Play Your Video Poker Hand Wisely. While playing video poker game, you must wisely choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard to make the best hand ranking. For this you need to learn and understand all the card combinations with their payouts.


Strategy #3: Always try to play the full pay version of the game in order to enjoy the highest payouts and increase your chances to win at video poker.


Strategy #4: Another strategy is to opt for playing progressive jackpot games. A progressive jackpot grows with each play until someone wins it. So while playing, it keeps on increasing and finally you can win a very higher payout.


Strategy #5: Don’t ignore the Jack. Many players think that the Ace is the most important card of game play but he always remember that holding a Jack over the Ace gives higher chances of winning.


Strategy #6: Another popular video poker strategy is that it is better to hold two high cards of the same suit than to hold three high cards of different suits.


Strategy #7: Another strategy that can be followed is that if you get two pairs in the first deal, discard the fifth card for getting a full house.


Strategy #8: And one of the best video poker strategies is to always manage your bankroll. Don’t try play for a higher amount of money due to greed. Play with what you can afford and enjoy the game.


Video poker strategies provides many chances to increase your bankroll, play for longer time, and even getting advantage over the house.

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