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Keno Tips

Keno is one of the casino games that draw players because the odds of winning among the keno players are quite the same. There are no ways to win a keno game. However we provide you with few useful online keno tips and tricks that would help you to increase chances of winning the game.


Tip 1: Bankroll Management
Set a limited amount of money to play with and to lose. This is your bankroll. Online casinos offer sign-up offers and other promotions. Take advantage of what they offer.


Tip 2: Practice Keno Online
If you want to play keno online, play a few free games first. After a few free keno games, you will feel confident and ready to play keno for real money.


Tip 3: Pick Lucky Keno Numbers
There are no best or worst keno numbers. Pick keno numbers that seem lucky to you. Your lucky keno numbers could be based on birthdays, shoe sizes, memorable dates or even telephone numbers.


Tip 4: Claim Your Keno Winnings
If you are playing keno in a land-based keno casino, make sure you claim your keno winnings. If you are holding onto a winning keno card and the drawing for the next keno game starts, your winnings will be considered void.


Tip 5: Prefer Online keno
If you want a better chance to win at Keno spend your time with an online game rather than a live casino game. Payouts at land based casinos are about 60% to 70% which is the worst payout percentage. Payout percentages at most online Keno games are higher.


Tip 6: Choose the Right Casino
If you're a serious Keno player you should always compare various Keno sites and choose the right online casinos that offer better payouts or more play options. If you would really like to play many spots in keno, look for casinos that offer payouts if none of the numbers were picked. This will work to your advantage if you pick many numbers on your keno ticket.


Tip 7: Learn the game
Before playing keno game for real money, learn and understand the rules of the game properly. Learn the Bet Types, its Odds and Payouts.


Tip 8: Pick succesive Numbers
One of the most popular Keno tips is to pick consecutive numbers, such as 21 and 22 or 13, 14 and 15.


Tip 9:  Don’t select large number of spots
Don't play the maximum number of spots in keno. Playing anything higher than eight spots in keno decreases your chances of having all of your numbers picked.


Tip 10: Avoid playing due numbers
Playing the same numbers over and over again has no effect on odds in keno. Each keno drawing is an independent event as numbers are picked randomly.


Finally, always remember that keno is just a game. Don't play keno when you feel pressured to win money, and don't gamble more than you can afford to lose. Enjoy the game for fun.

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