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Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a game of skill, and the strategies that you follow matter the most. However there are a number of other factors also that can help you to win the game of blackjack. So here you’ll find some very useful blackjack tips to win at blackjack.


Tip# 1: Before playing the game, always determine your Bankroll. Decide how much money you can afford to lose and ensure that you stick to that decision.


Tip# 2: Practice the free online games as much as you can before you playing for real money. It will help you grasp the game rules properly.


Tip# 3: Each blackjack variation has a different house advantage. You should always look at the odds of each game you play to ensure that you play the game with the lowest house advantage.


Tip# 4: Ensure that you Split pairs of Aces and 8's and avoid splitting Face Cards and 10's.


Tip# 5: Always remember when to hit or stand. You should hit until you reach 17+, stand on 17+ and hit soft 18 if the dealer has a 10.


Tip# 6: Avoid taking insurance on bets. Especially until card counting is done.


Tip# 7: Choose the table according to the money you have. Do not opt for a table where the limit is higher than 1/20 of the bankroll that you have.


Tip# 8:  Tip the dealer, as they depend on your kindness.


Tip# 9: You must ensure that you are not overwhelmed or distracted by the anything inside a casino. Don't let the casino have this advantage over you.


Tip# 10: Never Surrender


Tip# 11: Forget about Card Counting in blackjack. Card counting is only useful at tables that use a single deck for game play.


Tip# 12: The aim of the game is to get nearer to a score of 21 and beating the dealer. Always follow the basic blackjack strategy and know when you should risk and when you should stand.


Tip# 13: Do not act like the dealer. The Dealer plays in favor of the casino and if you both go bust the casino wins. So always use options like Blackjack Doubling and blackjack Splitting.

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