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Roulette Strategy

A number of roulette strategies are available which helps to play effectively and be a champion. There are three main roulette betting strategies: Martingale betting system, D' Alembert betting system, Labouchere betting system.


Martingale Betting System


The Martingale betting system is the most famous among the roulette betting systems.  It is a standard negative progression method. In this system, for each bet you lose, it is doubled on the next bet so that when you finally win, your earnings will return all your previous losses.


With this roulette strategy, you will return to your original bet and begin again. In roulette the best types of bets to use with the Martingale roulette system are outside bets such as red or black, odd or even and the high or low bet.


D' Alembert betting system


Another popular roulette strategy is the D’ Alembert betting system that allows you to step up your bets by a smaller increment when you lose and decrease them by the same number when you win. This roulette strategy cuts down the amount of the value of your bet because the progression is linear rather than exponential. It is also called a pyramid system.


The main goal of this strategy is to gain as much profit as possible and at the same time keeps the profit safe from losses. This system is more profitable in games that involve even bets such as roulette. When a loss occurs, the next bet is doubled. With the D’ Alembert roulette system, one can play in a more systematic way.


Labouchere betting system


It is another approach used in roulette. It is also known as cancellation or positive progression system. This system is applied for outside even-money bets which are the less risky and bring consistent wins.


In this betting system, a player writes down a sequence of numbers according to the size of the bet. The very first bet is the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence. If the bet wins, the two numbers are excluded from the sequence. The next bet is the sum of the numbers that are now the first and last ones. If the bet wins, the player goes on excluding the numbers and when the whole sequence is completed the player starts all over again with the same line of numbers. Every time the player loses the bet he adds the number of his first bet to the end of the sequence.


Another roulette strategy is to go for a wheel which has a "surrender" option. It will automatically reduce your chances of a loss because the surrender option makes it possible for the player to only lose half of the money wagered on even money. The winning number here is either a zero or a double zero.


Another popular strategy is to use a positive progression on betting i.e. placing straight up bets. The player places bet on a group of single numbers straight up which pays at 35-1. The positive progression of betting is one of the roulette strategies used by most players.


Learning how these roulette betting strategies work, one can improve his odds of having a big win.

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