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Craps Tips

Craps is not a easy game to play. Here are some useful craps tips and tricks that will help the players to master their hand on the craps game.


Tip# 1: Make a betting selection or pattern of play and stick to it.


Tip# 2: To play longer and enjoy the game, always place the pass, don't pass, come, and don't come bets as they have lower house edge.


Tip# 3: Don't play to win every roll of the dice.


Tip# 4: Raise money as you win, and lower it as you lose.


Tip# 5: On the come out roll, place a pass bet and a field bet. If the shooter craps out, you still win in the field, and if the shooter wins with 7 or 11 you still break even.


Tip# 6: Online casinos are the best place to learn craps before trying your luck playing for real money in land based casinos because online casinos offer you a variety of free craps games.


Tip# 7: Knowing how many ways a number total can come up will help you most in winning the craps game.


Tip# 8: Don't spend any money on craps systems or betting systems. They do not work.


Tip# 9: Always look for the craps tables that allow the biggest odds bets as there is no house edge on the odds bets.


Tip#10: The six and eight bets can each be placed in five ways. So if you placing the don't six bet, you have six ways to win and five ways to lose.


Tip# 11: Do not stay too long or get too greedy at any one table or in any one casino.


Tip# 12: Tip the dealers to get them on your side.


Tip# 13: When playing a craps game, do not expect to win craps most of the times. No real winning strategy exists for craps game.

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